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Entebbe Airport Elevates Its Game With New Ground Handling Equipment

Menzies, a pivotal player in ground handling at Entebbe International Airport, has made a significant step forward by injecting 1 million US dollars into acquiring new state-of-the-art ground handling equipment.

At the heart of this upgrade is the goal to improve efficiency and optimize the passenger experience. The newly acquired high loaders and forklifts are set to significantly streamline operations at the cargo centre, equipped with towering racks for storage.

Nouamani Zahouani, the General Manager of Menzies Aviation Uganda, proudly introduced the equipment last Friday, emphasizing Menzies’ commitment to excellence. “We’re not just investing in equipment, but in the satisfaction and convenience of our clients, both airlines and passengers,” Zahouani commented.

The company has a clear vision for the future, as evident from their ongoing investments. “This year alone, we’ve poured over a million dollars into upgrades, and the trend is set to continue annually,” he added.

This significant enhancement in Menzies’ capability is timely. Emmanuel Barungi, the General Manager of Entebbe International Airport, highlighted the airport’s transition towards a new cargo centre. “Menzies’ acquisition perfectly aligns with our vision of progress. This is a major boost, especially for operations from the ramp to the terminal building,” Barungi noted.

Menzies’ contribution to the airport’s operation is vast. Simon Esunget, Uganda Revenue Authority’s Manager of Customs, shared some intriguing statistics. “Menzies is responsible for handling nearly 80% of all cargo that arrives at Entebbe.

What’s even more remarkable is that a majority of this cargo, around 70%, is of an urgent nature, such as medical supplies or equipment for government projects and industries. This dynamic has enabled us to collect upwards of Shs300 billion in a fiscal year, marking a considerable contribution to our national economy,” Esunget explained.

A point worth noting is the eco-friendliness of the newly acquired assets. Eng Sooma Ayub, the Director of Airports and Aviation Security of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, praised Menzies’ forward-thinking approach. “Responding to our call, Menzies has brought in equipment that’s not only efficient but also environmentally conscious.

Their decision to opt for machinery that steers clear of diesel or petrol is commendable, aligning with global targets of zero carbon emissions,” Ayub remarked.

Among the newly-acquired tools are the COBUS 3000 bus, renowned for its performance, a JBT Commander 30i high loader, and four cutting-edge electric forklifts and stackers from Caterpillar.

With these advancements, the future of cargo and passenger handling at Entebbe International Airport looks promising, setting a benchmark for others to follow.


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