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Kasubi Tombs Reopen with New Visitor Rates

The Kasubi Tombs stand as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Buganda Kingdom. Recently reopened after a period of restoration, the tombs have been meticulously reconstructed following a devastating fire in 2010. This restoration effort, undertaken by the Buganda Kingdom, aimed not only to preserve but also to enhance the site’s historical significance.

A Glance into History

The Kasubi Tombs, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, serve as the final resting place for several Kabakas (Kings) of Buganda. These grand mausoleums are not just burial grounds but are revered as spiritual sites and symbols of Buganda’s cultural identity. The architecture itself, characterized by its thatched roofs and wooden poles, is a striking example of traditional Baganda craftsmanship.

Post-Restoration Reopening

Following years of careful reconstruction, the Kasubi Tombs have reopened their gates to the public. The restoration efforts have not only focused on repairing the damage caused by the fire but have also involved strengthening the structural integrity of the tombs while preserving their original design and cultural significance.

Visitors can now explore the reconstructed tombs of past Kabakas, which have been enhanced to provide a more immersive experience. The interiors showcase artifacts, regalia, and historical relics that offer insights into Buganda’s royal history and customs.

Accessible Tourism Rates

To encourage both local and international visitors to experience this cultural marvel, the Buganda Kingdom has introduced affordable entrance rates:

  • Ugandan Pupils: UGX 3,000
  • Ugandan Students: UGX 5,000
  • Ugandan Adults: UGX 10,000
  • East African Adults: UGX 20,000
  • East African Children: UGX 10,000
  • African Children: UGX 15,000
  • African Adults: UGX 30,000
  • Foreign Resident Children: $10
  • Foreign Resident Adults: $15
  • Foreign Non-Resident Children: $15
  • Foreign Non-Resident Adults: $20

These rates are designed to be inclusive and reflective of the site’s cultural and historical value, making it accessible to a wide range of visitors.

Planning Your Visit

Located just a short distance from Kampala Uganda’s capital, the Kasubi Tombs are easily accessible by road. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in a guided tour to fully appreciate the stories and significance behind each structure.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or simply curious about Uganda’s rich heritage, a visit to the Kasubi Tombs promises to be an enriching experience. Witness firsthand the resilience of Buganda’s cultural legacy and explore a site that continues to inspire and educate visitors from around the world.

For more information on visiting hours, guided tours, and special events at the Kasubi Tombs, visit the official Buganda Kingdom tourism website or contact local tourism authorities. Discover the allure of Uganda’s past and present at the Kasubi Tombs—a journey through history you won’t soon forget.


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