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Kigezi Miss Tourism Dethroned Over Indiscipline

Miss Tourism Uganda (MTU) has made the unprecedented decision to terminate the contract of one of its queens, Ms. Denise Ayebare, citing severe breaches in her contractual terms.

Ms. Denise Ayebare, aged 20, has been officially dethroned after allegations of violating her agreement with the Pageant. Last week, she received directives to relinquish the crown and return all the gifts and monetary compensations associated with her title.

Coming from the scenic Rukungiri district, Ayebare, who is currently pursuing law studies, won the title of the second runner-up in the Miss Tourism Kigezi event in September of the previous year.

However, the relationship between Ayebare and the Pageant soured, following accusations of her continuous absence from several campaign events, a violation of the terms she agreed upon.

In an official letter of termination addressed to Ayebare, MTU meticulously listed her missteps. They highlighted her frequent unavailability for numerous crucial functions, events, public gatherings, and promotional activities that she was expected to grace as a part of her duties.

The termination letter stated, “Following our notice of the breach on 5 January 2023, we have been disappointed with your diminished involvement in Miss Tourism Uganda Activities. Your absence has been noted, even after multiple verbal invitations were extended your way.”

The tone of the letter grew stringent as it continued, “Reports from the Project Manager indicate a lack of interest from your end. In light of these events, we have made the decision to de-crown you. This letter stands to inform you that based on Clause 7 of our Agreement, we are rescinding your pageant title and thereby terminating our Agreement with you.”

It was in the month of September, during the previous year, that Ayebare had the honor of being crowned by the distinguished ICT Minister Chris Baryomunsi.

The termination letter ended with a final directive: “You are tasked with returning all the awards, presents, and monetary compensations bestowed upon you. A strict timeline of 7 days post this letter’s delivery has been set for the same.”

By Monday morning, it remained uncertain if Ms. Ayebare had adhered to the terms of the termination and complied with the directives.

In the backdrop of this controversy, Miss Tourism Uganda is gearing up to celebrate its 11th anniversary. The grand finals scheduled for September 9th are expected to feature contestants from a total of 12 different regions.

Aisha Nagudi, the CEO of Miss Tourism Uganda, emphasized this year’s theme, “Greening Tourism.” She expressed that the primary objective would be to spotlight the commendable achievements of Miss Tourism Uganda over the last decade, all the while advocating the importance of nature preservation.


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