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Nyege Nyege Returns for its 9th Edition: New Site, More Experience

The vibrant beats of the Nyege Nyege Music and Arts Festival are set to pulse through the heart of Uganda once more as the festival returns for its much-anticipated 9th edition. From November 14th to 17th, Jinja will host this iconic event, promising an exhilarating fusion of music, culture, and art.

This year’s festival boasts a new location, spanning twelve scenic acres at the Source of the Nile in Jinja, Njeru. This site, situated opposite last year’s venue, offers an enhanced experience for attendees. With its brand-new aquapark, extensive parking, and comprehensive camping infrastructure, the site is designed to provide a secure and immersive environment for festival-goers.

A New Home for a Celebrated Festival

Nyege Nyege has consistently drawn a diverse crowd from Uganda, Africa, and beyond. Last year’s event saw over 20,000 people gather to enjoy some of the continent’s most exciting musical acts. This year’s new site promises to build on that success, offering even more amenities and natural beauty to explore.

The festival’s organizers, in collaboration with long-term partner Talent Africa, have worked diligently to ensure a seamless experience. They’ve partnered with neighboring lands to create a connected campsite that integrates directly with the festival grounds. Additionally, a special partnership with Kingfisher Resort will provide nearby accommodation, just five minutes from the main site.

Afrogalactic Carnival: Celebrating Pan-African Diversity

This year’s theme, ‘Afrogalactic Carnival,’ is a celebration of Pan-African diversity. The festival aims to blend forward-thinking music with ancestral traditions, showcasing Uganda’s natural splendor and rich cultural tapestry. Derek Debru, one of the festival organizers, expressed his excitement about the event’s return, encouraging early ticket purchases to take advantage of discounted prices.

“Nyege Nyege aims to reflect Uganda’s hospitality and cultural diversity, advocating for peace and an insatiable thirst for a good time, which is the exact definition of Nyege Nyege in Uganda,” Debru stated.

An Immersive Experience Awaiting Festival-Goers

Security remains a top priority for the festival. Just like last year, organizers are collaborating with all security stakeholders to ensure the event’s success. Long-term sponsor Uganda Breweries will contribute significantly to the festival atmosphere, hosting three distinct experiences. Additionally, the new Hakuna Kulala stage promises a 96-hour music and performance marathon, featuring live acts, DJs, and captivating dance and theatre performances.

As Nyege Nyege returns for its ninth edition, it continues to evolve and expand, promising an unforgettable experience that celebrates music, culture, and unity. With a new site, exciting partnerships, and an ambitious theme, this year’s festival is set to be the best yet. Make sure to book your tickets early and prepare to be part of an Afrogalactic celebration like no other.


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