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Rwenzori Marathon: Catalyst for Economic Growth in Uganda

For the past three decades, I have closely watched Uganda’s tourism sector. Among the many milestones, one particular event has stood out as a beacon of hope – the inception and evolution of the Tusker Lite Mt Rwenzori Marathon.

It’s not just another race; it symbolizes a broader movement aimed at economic revival and growth. The marathon is a statement, a proclamation of Kasese’s potential as a tourism hub, not just for Uganda but for Africa at large.

The Rwenzori Mountains, with their majestic stature, have long been overlooked by global tourists. Despite holding some of the continent’s highest peaks, their potential remained underutilized. It was this realization that birthed the marathon – to bring attention to this treasure and, by extension, stimulate economic activity in the region.

To put things in perspective, let’s look at Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Annually, the mountain witnesses a footfall of 50,000 tourists, contributing substantially to Tanzania’s economy. Given the Rwenzoris’ unique offerings, there’s no reason why Uganda cannot tap into such an economic surge.

Last year’s marathon debut saw 800 participants, a figure that’s set to more than double this year. But it’s not about the numbers alone; it’s about the ripple effect. The marathon week transformed Kasese into a bustling hub. Whether it was the restaurants or the roadside vendors, everyone witnessed a surge in demand. There was a palpable change in the air – a town alive and thriving, all thanks to an event that showcased its innate potential.

But why did the marathon create such a massive impact? The answer lies in the global appeal of sports and adventure tourism. Beyond the local participants, the marathon beckons nature enthusiasts and adventurers from all corners of the world. They come for the race but stay for the raw, unfiltered beauty of the Rwenzori Mountains and attractions like the Queen Elizabeth National Park. This not only brings in immediate economic benefits but also ensures sustained international visibility for Uganda.

There’s a broader lesson to be learned here. It’s about recognizing the latent potential in our communities and leveraging it for growth. The Rwenzori Marathon has sown the seeds of this change. As it grows, so will the opportunities for the local communities, translating into job creation, empowerment, and sustainable development.

In conclusion, the Rwenzori Marathon is much more than a race; it’s a torchbearer of change, signaling a brighter economic future for Kasese and Uganda. It’s a testament to the transformative power of tourism and how, if channeled rightly, it can rewrite a region’s destiny. Together, let’s champion this movement and create a flourishing future for Kasese and our cherished nation.


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