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Rwenzori Trekking Services Takes on the Sasa Trail in Mount Elgon National Park

Uganda Wildlife Authority’s New Partnership with Rwenzori Trekking Services Promises enhanced trekking experience at the Mount Elgon – Sasa Trail

Mount Elgon National Park, a hidden gem in eastern Uganda, is set to undergo a significant enhancement in its trekking services. The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) recently announced its new partnership with Rwenzori Trekking Services (RTS), granting them the official concession for the renowned Sasa Trail.

Background: Mount Elgon & the Sasa Trail

Mount Elgon, an extinct shield volcano straddling the Uganda-Kenya border, stands out with its rich biodiversity and remarkable landscapes. The Sasa Trail, one of its most frequented trekking paths, is a journey into the heart of the park that showcases its unique flora, fauna, and captivating geological formations. The trail offers both seasoned trekkers and casual hikers a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of East Africa’s wilderness.

Rwenzori Trekking Services: A Legacy of Excellence

RTS’s involvement with Mount Elgon is not a mere coincidence. With their proven track record in the Rwenzori Mountains, they have established themselves as a leading authority in mountain trekking services in Uganda. Their expertise spans from eco-friendly practices to ensuring safety protocols, making them an ideal choice for taking over the operations of the Sasa Trail.

For years, trekkers scaling the heights of the Rwenzori Mountains have been guided by the meticulous and experienced hands of RTS. Their commitment to sustainable tourism, community involvement, and impeccable service has earned them accolades from both local and international travelers.

A Bright Future for Mount Elgon

The partnership between the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rwenzori Trekking Services promises a brighter and more sustainable future for Mount Elgon National Park. With RTS now overseeing the Sasa Trail’s operations, trekkers can expect enhanced safety measures, better trail maintenance, and an overall improved trekking experience.

The UWA’s decision to collaborate with RTS is grounded in a shared vision: to uplift Uganda’s natural beauty and promote responsible tourism. This collaboration signals a step forward in ensuring that the wonders of Mount Elgon remain preserved for future generations while simultaneously elevating the experience for today’s explorers.


As Rwenzori Trekking Services embarks on this new venture in Mount Elgon National Park, the local tourism sector is abuzz with excitement. The integration of RTS’s expertise with the pristine landscapes of the Sasa Trail promises a harmonious blend of nature and service. For those planning their next trekking adventure, Mount Elgon’s Sasa Trail, under the guardianship of RTS, is undoubtedly a top contender.


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