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Temporary Closure of Hiking to Margherita Peak on Rwenzori Mountains

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has announced the temporary suspension of hiking activities to Margherita Peak in Rwenzori Mountains National Park. This decision comes as a precautionary measure following a comprehensive assessment conducted by the UWA team in response to reports of a crevasse formation in the Margherita Glacier.

The safety and well-being of visitors are paramount, and the installation of a permanent ladder at a strategic location on the right side of the Margherita Glacier is being explored as an alternative route to ensure safer passage for hikers to Margherita Peak. This proactive approach underscores UWA’s commitment to providing a secure environment for adventure enthusiasts while preserving the natural beauty of the park.

In the interim, visitors are encouraged to explore other picturesque peaks within Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Mount Speke, Mount Baker, and Cheptegei Peak on the Stanley Range offer breathtaking views and unique experiences amidst the stunning landscape of the park. These alternative routes promise unforgettable adventures while ensuring the safety of hikers.

UWA reassures visitors of its dedication to monitoring the situation closely and providing updates on the status of hiking activities to Margherita Peak as developments unfold. The organization remains committed to ensuring that all clients safely enjoy their visit to Rwenzori Mountains National Park, fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

For further inquiries and updates, please visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority website or contact the nearest UWA office.

Contact Information:
Uganda Wildlife Authority
Phone: +256-414-355000

As travelers adapt to the temporary closure of hiking activities to Margherita Peak, the allure of Rwenzori Mountains National Park continues to captivate with its diverse landscapes and unparalleled beauty, promising unforgettable experiences for adventurers from around the globe.


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