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Tourism Gets Attention in Uganda’s Financial Year 2024/25 Budget

The budget reading for Uganda’s financial year 2024/25 has taken place today, overseen by the executive and the parliament. Among the key sectors highlighted, tourism has received substantial attention, reflecting its significant contribution to the nation’s economy over the years.

Tourism in Uganda has proven to yield high returns on investment. Recognizing this, the Ugandan government has allocated UGX 289.6 billion to various tourism development programs for the fiscal year 2024/25. This move is expected to further bolster the sector, enhancing its growth and sustainability.

“Uganda has increasingly regained her global position among the top ten best tourism destinations in global tourism rankings,” noted a government spokesperson during the budget presentation. This statement is supported by the impressive growth in international tourist arrivals, which surged by 56% in 2023, reaching 1.274 million tourists compared to 814,085 in 2022 and nearing the pre-pandemic peak of 1.52 million in 2019. The corresponding international tourism receipts in 2023 amounted to $1.03 billion.

The allocated UGX 289.6 billion will fund several modernization projects aimed at enhancing Uganda’s tourism offerings. These include the completion of the pier and related infrastructure at the Source of the Nile, a key tourist attraction. Additionally, the Uganda Museum will undergo significant upgrades, and 8,000 meters of climbing ladders and boardwalks will be constructed on the Rwenzori Mountains to improve the safety and accessibility of hiking trails.

These developments are expected to not only boost tourist numbers but also provide a more enriching experience for visitors, solidifying Uganda’s status as a premier global tourist destination. The government’s commitment to investing in tourism underscores the sector’s importance in driving economic growth and providing employment opportunities for Ugandans.

As the financial year unfolds, stakeholders in the tourism industry and the general public will be keenly observing the impact of these investments on the sector’s performance. The initiatives outlined in the budget promise to usher in a new era of growth and excellence for Uganda’s tourism industry, paving the way for a brighter economic future.


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