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Uganda Airlines Makes Huge Losses

The Uganda National Airlines Company, since its revival in 2019 after an 18-year hiatus, has faced financial challenges, as reported by the Auditor General. Despite setbacks, CEO Jenifer Bamuturaki remains optimistic about the future, outlining strategic initiatives to address losses and achieve profitability within the next three years.

Financial Struggles and Audit Reports

The Auditor General’s reports revealed a grim financial picture for Uganda Airlines, with consecutive losses of 104 billion Shillings in FY 2020/21, 164 billion in FY 2021/22, and 234 billion in FY 2022/23 – totaling 502 billion Shillings. These figures prompted a closer examination by the Public Accounts Committee on Commission, Statutory Authorities, and State Enterprises (COSASE) to shape the airline’s strategic plan.

CEO’s Perspective on Losses

CEO Jenifer Bamuturaki, in response to the audit reports, defended the losses, attributing them to unavoidable variables and administrative costs. In an interview, she emphasized that the airline’s losses were justifiable and outlined measures taken to manage costs, including fuel and oil expenses, maintenance, rentals, and crew costs through initiatives such as personnel training, process automation, and adjustments to airplane seat configurations.

Strategic Initiatives to Curb Losses

To address financial challenges, Uganda Airlines has strategically invested in managing operational costs. These measures include personnel training, process automation, adjustments to airplane seat configurations, and the extension of routes. Bamuturaki expressed confidence that these initiatives would position the airline to break even within the next three years.

Revenue Generation and Operational Expenses

Currently, the airline generates up to 85 percent of its revenue to cover direct operational expenses such as maintenance costs, crew costs, landing fees, and navigation charges. The CEO emphasized the importance of achieving a balance between revenue generation and cost management to ensure the financial sustainability of Uganda Airlines.

Industry Expert’s View

Abderahmane Berthé, the General Secretary of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), expressed a positive outlook on Uganda Airlines’ performance. He commended the airline’s revival since 2019 and highlighted its commendable efforts to expand its network by acquiring new flight routes.

Challenges Faced During Global Shocks

The article acknowledges the challenges faced by Uganda Airlines, particularly during the global travel restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The airline, like many others globally, navigated through unprecedented challenges as nations sought to mitigate the spread of the virus.


While Uganda National Airlines faces financial hurdles, CEO Jenifer Bamuturaki’s strategic initiatives and optimism about breaking even within the next three years offer a ray of hope. As the airline continues to expand its network and adapt to the changing landscape of the aviation industry, stakeholders remain watchful of its journey towards financial sustainability and profitability.


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