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Uganda Unveils New Equator Monument in Kasese

In an exciting development for both locals and tourists, Uganda has unveiled a striking new equator monument at Kikorongo Kasese, close to the renowned Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This new landmark replaces the previous structure, which had failed to captivate the interest of passersby. The revamped monument aims to attract more visitors, encouraging them to pause for a memorable photo opportunity before continuing their journey to the national park.

The equator, an imaginary line that divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, passes through only a few countries globally, and Uganda is one of the fortunate ones.

This geographical marvel offers unique opportunities for tourists to experience standing on both hemispheres simultaneously. The newly established monument at Kikorongo Kasese promises to enhance this experience with its more appealing design and strategic location.

Enhancing Tourist Experiences

The decision to construct a new monument stems from a desire to boost tourism in the region. The previous equator marker, while functional, lacked the aesthetic appeal necessary to draw significant attention. By creating a more visually engaging landmark, Uganda hopes to not only increase the number of visitors to Kikorongo Kasese but also to enhance the overall tourist experience. This site is now poised to become a must-visit spot for anyone traveling to Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of Uganda’s most popular tourist destinations.

Other Equator Landmarks in Uganda

Kikorongo Kasese joins other notable equator landmarks in Uganda, each offering its own unique charm and historical significance:

  1. Kayabwe Point: Located on the Kampala-Masaka Highway, this is perhaps the most famous equator crossing in Uganda. It has long been a favorite stop for tourists who want to take photos and buy souvenirs from local vendors. Kayabwe Point is well-developed, with various attractions and facilities for visitors.
  2. Equator Island on Lake Victoria: This lesser-known spot is situated on an isolated island in Lake Victoria, near Entebbe. It offers a more secluded and tranquil experience for those looking to explore the equator in a less commercialized setting. The island’s serene environment provides a perfect backdrop for reflection and appreciation of this natural phenomenon.

A Geographic Blessing

The presence of the equator in Uganda is a geographic blessing that adds to the country’s rich tapestry of natural wonders. From its diverse wildlife and lush landscapes to vibrant cultures and historical sites, Uganda offers a myriad of experiences for tourists. The new equator monument at Kikorongo Kasese is yet another jewel in Uganda’s crown, enhancing the allure of this East African nation.

In summary, the establishment of the new equator monument at Kikorongo Kasese is a significant step in promoting Uganda’s tourism. By creating an attractive and engaging landmark, Uganda not only celebrates its unique geographical position but also provides an enriching experience for visitors from around the world. Whether it’s a brief stop for a photo or a deeper exploration of the equator’s significance, this new monument is set to become a highlight of any trip to Uganda.


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