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UWA Discovers New Tree-Climbing Lion Cubs in Ishasha

Today is significant for wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists, and everyone who holds nature close to their heart. It has been 64 days since Uganda Wildlife Authority’s attention was keenly turned towards Julia, the mesmerizing tree-climbing lioness in the picturesque Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Suspicions arose regarding her recent maternity when she became notably elusive.

And today, the curtain was finally lifted.

Earlier in the day, a group of fortunate tourists, seeking the thrill of an Ishasha safari, made a heartwarming discovery. Close to one of the park’s game drive tracks, they glimpsed two sprightly lion cubs. The evidence of this much-anticipated sighting was promptly confirmed by our dedicated field teams.

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind for UWA teams. They tirelessly intensified their surveillance, meticulously tracking Julia’s every move and keeping a close watch on Hope, her older cub. The very core of these efforts was to ensure the safety and well-being of the possible new additions to this magnificent lion family.

The region where Julia chose for birthing was nearly impenetrable. Her impeccable maternal instincts led her to a secluded refuge, in line with the intrinsic nature of lions to prioritize their cubs’ safety. The mystery and allure surrounding Julia’s cubs were overwhelming, as we painstakingly endeavored to gather evidence while maintaining the sanctity of her hidden realm.

Simultaneously, UWA patrols in the sector increased multifold, warding off potential threats and ensuring an environment conducive for the lioness and her cubs.

The chapter of these cubs’ life has just begun. With Julia’s nurturing and the protective shadow of their big sister Hope, these cubs are on their way to embracing their royal lineage. As they embark on this journey, Uganda Wildlife Authority sends forth wishes for their longevity, hoping they flourish and contribute to the unique heritage of tree-climbing lions.

Rest assured, the Authority’s commitment remains unfaltering. As the cubs grow and venture into the vastness of the park, we will persevere in our monitoring efforts. Its mission is to ensure that Julia, her precious cubs, and the entire lion community in Ishasha thrive, safeguarding the integrity of this unparalleled wilderness.

For now, UWA celebrates the wonder of nature, the resilience of wildlife, and the joyous discovery of new life. The legacy of Ishasha’s tree-climbing lions is in safe hands, and it is honored to be a part of their story.


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