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UWA Reaffirms Safety in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

The Executive Director of the Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA), Mr. Sam Mwandha, has extended his reassurance to local and international tourists, affirming that Queen Elizabeth National Park is a safe and secure destination.

This statement comes in the wake of an unfortunate incident on October 17 when suspected Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels attacked the park, resulting in harm to two tourists and their driver.

Mr. Mwandha emphasized that the park remains open, with comprehensive security measures in place. A collaborative effort involving various security agencies, such as the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF), Uganda Police, Resident District Commissioner for Kasese, and UWA staff, has been initiated to ensure the safety of all visitors.

President Museveni echoed these sentiments, pledging to rectify the security lapses and defeat the ADF rebels responsible for the attack. He expressed confidence in the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of tourists.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of Uganda’s most treasured tourist destinations, boasts an array of attractions, including 95 mammal species, over 600 bird species, picturesque savannah grasslands, and tranquil lakes. Established in 1952 and later renamed to honor a visit by Queen Elizabeth II of England, the park continues to enchant visitors with its natural beauty and wildlife. Tourists can rest assured that efforts are underway to provide them with a secure and enjoyable experience in this breathtaking wilderness


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