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Changes in UK Immigration Rules Impact Ugandans’ Opportunities to Travel

Recent updates to immigration rules in the United Kingdom have raised concerns for Ugandans seeking employment or education opportunities in the country. The Home Office has issued new regulations that will affect the ability of migrants to travel with their families, impacting both students and workers. The changes, set to take effect next year, are part of broader measures aimed at managing immigration, prioritizing domestic labor, and addressing concerns about the growing immigrant population.

Impact on Students and Families

Under the new rules, only students pursuing postgraduate research programs will be permitted to travel with their families. This means that those seeking undergraduate or other postgraduate courses will no longer have the privilege of bringing their dependents with them. The restrictions apply to students from all countries, including Uganda, and were introduced as part of a larger effort to reduce the number of student visas issued by the UK government.

Workers in Health and Care Sector Exemption

The majority of the migrant labor workforce in the UK is composed of individuals working in the health and care sector. However, even though they form a significant portion of the workforce, health and care workers will also face restrictions on traveling with their families. The exemption applies only to those pursuing a health and care visa route, and not to other workers. The salary threshold for skilled worker visas will increase to £38,700, a significant jump from the previous £26,200.

Government’s Justification

The UK government justifies these changes by emphasizing the need to prioritize domestic labor and protect resources from the strain of a growing immigrant population. The statement from the Home Office suggests that the adjustments aim to strike a balance between addressing concerns about immigration levels and ensuring the continued flow of essential workers, particularly in the healthcare sector.

Brexit Influence and Sovereign Rights

An official from the Uganda High Commission in London acknowledges the impact of the new immigration rules on Ugandans in the UK. They note that immigration has been a significant factor, contributing to the Brexit decision. The official emphasizes that controlling entry and exit is a sovereign right enjoyed by any country and respects the UK’s authority to enforce such regulations.


As the United Kingdom implements new immigration rules affecting the ability of Ugandans to travel with their families, concerns arise about the broader implications for individuals seeking educational and employment opportunities in the country. While the government’s aim is to manage immigration levels and prioritize domestic labor, the impact on families and individuals from Uganda and other countries is undeniable. The evolving landscape of immigration policies worldwide continues to shape the experiences of those seeking opportunities in foreign lands.


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