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Sacred Traditions: Unveiling the Rituals Surrounding the Kyabazinga’s Royal Wedding

The impending union of the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom, William Gabula Nadiope IV, with Ms Jovia Mutesi is not only a celebration of love but also a showcase of rich cultural traditions. In the days leading up to the royal wedding and beyond, a series of age-old rituals are meticulously performed, adding depth and meaning to this significant event in the Busoga Kingdom.

The Protective Shield of Sorghum

Before the Kyabazinga embarks on the journey to matrimony, a symbolic act takes place. Sorghum, aged at least a year in a granary, is thrown over the roof of the Kyabazinga’s personal house. According to Mr Sulaiman Kakaire Kyegonza, the chairperson of Princes in Bugweri chiefdom, this ritual aims to ward off any thoughts of divorce, symbolizing a commitment to a lasting union.

The Night at the Father’s House

The eve of the wedding sees the Kyabazinga spending the night at his father’s house in Budhumbula, Kamuli District. This tradition, explained by Mr Kakaire, is a formal gesture of sending off the Kyabazinga as he transitions into adulthood and prepares to take on the responsibilities of marriage.

Cleansing Ritual

On the wedding day, a poignant moment unfolds as the bride’s aunt washes the feet of both the Kyabazinga and the Queen. This act symbolizes purification and sets the tone for a new chapter in their lives together.

Unity Feast

Three days after the wedding, the Queen prepares a special meal consisting of fingered matooke with simsim paste and meat. This dish is shared from one plate by both families, symbolizing the beginning of a journey towards unity and strengthened familial ties.

Imaginary Wives’ Duties

Princesses from Kigulu chiefdom play a unique role in the wedding process. Referred to as the “imaginary wives” of the Kyabazinga, they lay his bed before the wedding day. This act, as described by Princess Ruth Nakaima, is a cultural tradition that emphasizes their privileged access to the Kyabazinga’s bedroom.

Pre-Wedding Entertainment

The night before the wedding, selected Princesses gather for a joyous celebration involving dance to entertain the Kyabazinga. This lighthearted event is aimed at boosting the Kyabazinga’s confidence as he approaches this significant milestone.

Confidence-Building Meeting

On Friday evening, the chief of Princesses, Ms Florence Naiwumbwe, holds a meeting with the Kyabazinga. Though lacking specific cultural significance, this gathering is designed to offer emotional support and instill confidence in the Kyabazinga before the bustling activities of the wedding day.


As the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom prepares to embark on the sacred journey of marriage, these rituals not only uphold the cultural heritage of the Busoga people but also contribute to the depth and symbolism surrounding this momentous occasion. The union of tradition and love creates a unique tapestry that highlights the significance of the Kyabazinga’s wedding in the vibrant landscape of Busoga Kingdom.


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