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Norwegian Embassy in Kampala to Shut Down in 2024

In a bid to streamline its foreign service, Norway has announced structural reforms affecting its diplomatic presence worldwide. These changes aim to bolster Norwegian national interests and enhance the country’s global engagement efficacy. While certain locations will see an increase in Norway’s diplomatic presence, others will inevitably experience drawdowns.

Kampala, the capital of Uganda, will witness one such change as the Norwegian embassy there is slated for closure by the end of July 2024. This decision follows the shutdown of five Norwegian missions earlier this year. Emphasizing that the closure is based strictly on broader administrative evaluations, the primary driving factor is the reallocation of resources within the foreign service.

Norway and Uganda share a deep-rooted bond, with the two nations enjoying excellent bilateral relations over the years. Reiterating the importance of this relationship, the Norwegian government has expressed its commitment to preserving the robust ties between the two countries.

It’s crucial to highlight that this decision will not impact the development cooperation between Norway and Uganda. Presently, a significant chunk of the aid is administered by the Norwegian development agency, Norad. In the aftermath of the embassy’s closure, Norad, along with another yet-to-be-decided regional mission, will oversee future collaborations. Furthermore, the uninterrupted support via Norwegian and international NGOs, the United Nations, and other multilateral avenues is set to continue.

The Norwegian Embassy in Kampala also plays a pivotal role by representing Norway in Rwanda and Burundi. With its impending closure, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively seeking alternatives to ensure continued diplomatic representation in these nations.

The upcoming years will shed more light on the implications and outcomes of these strategic changes. However, one thing remains clear: Norway’s commitment to fostering strong international relations and efficient global engagement remains unwavering


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