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UCAA Suspends Study Tours at Entebbe Airport Amidst Expansion

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has announced the suspension of all study tours to Entebbe International Airport effective October 12. This decision will remain in effect until an unspecified future date when further guidance will be issued.

Vianney Luggya, the spokesperson for UCAA, clarified that this move comes in response to the recent increase in the airport’s users and the current expansion efforts taking place on the premises.

Due to the growth in the number of airport users and the ongoing construction, which has required the closure of several parking areas, study tours are being paused. “The suspension of these tours aims to alleviate the congestion, thereby facilitating smoother operations and improving service delivery during this transition phase,” Luggya explained.

The primary goal, as emphasized by the UCAA, is to enhance the overall experience for passengers, ensuring that the new facilities and services are of the highest standard. Luggya assured the public, stating, “Members will be promptly informed once the suspension is lifted.”

Recent statistics provided by UCAA reveal the significant volume of school tours. The airport has seen between 10 to 15 school groups daily, many of which comprise more than 100 students. This influx has undoubtedly contributed to the current congestion.

Addressing concerns and potential disappointments, Luggya expressed the UCAA’s regret for any inconvenience this might cause. “We anticipate that guidance regarding the resumption of tours will be released before the year’s end, following the completion of the terminal expansion works,” he said.

A glance at the UCAA website indicates that these study tours play a pivotal role in the services offered by the airport. Not only do they form an essential component of UCAA’s career development initiative for students, but they also provide invaluable insights into the aviation industry for the wider public.

The suspension, however, does come with economic implications. It is bound to impact revenues, as institutions, including schools, contribute Shs5,000 per child and Shs10,000 per adult for access to the airport facilities.

With this decision, the UCAA is prioritizing operational efficiency and customer experience at Entebbe International Airport, even if it means a temporary halt to one of its educational initiatives.


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